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written by joe desantis and shawn binder



GOAL: The core messaging of ‘Long Time Coming’ is about freeing yourself from the shackles of convention, and continuing to chase your dreams no matter how many people try and stop you.



In a warehouse, Jagwar Twin is hooked up to a treadmill by a team of scientists. Throughout the video, he is subjected to VR tests that flashback to different moments on his journey towards becoming an artist. As the video progresses, Jagward Twin begins to free himself from the testing machine and “breaks free.”

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The video will open on a spool of 80s film reel, and zoom out to reveal that we’re in a cavernous lab space with Jagwar Twin placed on a futuristic treadmill. A team of scientists surrounds him, hooking him up with sensors and wires, furiously scribbling down notes. As the treadmill begins to move, lighting effects from below will signal that we’re in a Sci-Fi experiment.



Throughout the video Jagwar Twin will have a VR helmet placed on his head revealing a series of extreme “flash-backs” that narrate his journey to superstardom. For this first flashback, we will find Jagwar Twin as himself in the current day being chased by a group of 3-5 young boys taunting him for his “strange voice.” The feed will ‘glitch’ at the last moment to multiply the children by 10, before snapping Jagwar Twin back onto the treadmill in the lab.



For the 2nd of Jagwar Twin’s VR experiences, he will find himself transported to a board room; clinical and white, the room will be filled with executives who represent those in the music industry who tried to control him. Papers will begin to fall from the sky, and neon lighting will begin to strobe before the scene ‘glitches’ and a large amount of papers begin to fall from the sky.



For the final of Jagwar Twin’s VR experiences, during the bridge he will find himself in a room full of TVs with static on them, as he walks around the room, they will turn on with home videos of Jagwar Twin as a child, highlighting that he’s always been on a journey to end up where he is now. The scene will ‘glitch’ and all the televisions will go blank.

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As Jagwar Twin snaps out of his last VR experience, he begins to rip off the sensors that have been connected to him throughout the video. He begins to fight off the scientists who are attempting to keep him on the treadmill. As the video reaches it’s climax, Jagwar Twin will slow-motion run off the treadmill and towards the door, a slew of scientists chasing after him. As he reaches the door and opens it up to the outside world, the video concludes. The world is ready to meet Jagwar Twin, it’s been a long time coming.